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“Before I got here, I thought for a long time that the only way out of the labyrinth was to pretend that it did not exist, to build a small, self-sufficient world in the back corner of the endless maze to pretend that I was not lost, but home.” ~ Looking For Alaska, John Green

There are more poignant, harder hitting and more emotive quotations in this book, but appearing as you reach the last few pages, when you’re clinging to the last few words of wisdom John Green has to convey, this is a very striking passage. The meaning and way out of Simon Bolivar’s labyrinth is a constant discussion throughout and leads to more than a little soul searching; to me, the way out of the labyrinth is to embrace it, accept it and live your life anyway. You’re probably not going to be remembered for hundreds of years, so make sure while you’re here you dedicate you efforts to enjoying life and your energies to showing another that they are the most special person in the world; because that means something and isn’t that the most incredible thing, to be able to touch someone else’s life and to improve it?