The Fault In Our Stars ~ John Green

I promise this blog isn’t going to become a collection of my reviews and discussions of John Green’s work, he just happens to be very good and very much what is happening in my life right now.

I won’t discuss the plot in depth or reveal any spoilers, if you have already read the book then you’ll understand all of what I write here; if not the perhaps I will be able to entice you into venturing into ‘The Fault In Our Stars’; you’ll find your mind opened, sympathies and understandings widened and above all, you will fall in love with a story, characters so perfectly written that they couldn’t possibly be real and yet to imagine them as works of fiction, created by John’s mind is impossible, they live on, beyond the confines of those pages, in our hearts .

The situation our characters find themselves living with day to day is one that is not discussed enough; yet how can it be, for most mere mortals to even begin to understand the reality of cancer, especially in one’s teenage years is too much to ask, myself included. Green writes, almost poetically, unveiling the day to day life, the consistencies and inconsistencies of living with cancer; yet not letting it kill you before you actually reach the end. The struggle is by no means made to appear easy, it hurts, the characters and the readers. I think at this stage I will quote my Tumblr post on this book:

“I’m not sure I’ve ever just wanted to put down a book, forget about it and live on in perfect, blissful ignorance as I did about two thirds of the way through ‘A Fault in Our Stars’.

John Green, it was perfect, it was painful, it was raw, it was beautiful, it sucked ass and I loved having the privilege to read it.

I don’t know if I have a favourite book, books do different things in different way; but I know this book will stay with me for a very long time ❤

For however long my infinity lasts”


It isn’t poetic, or well written, but this is how I felt reading the final section of this book; this is the best way I can think to convey the readers involvement, and their pain and their love of this story. Actually I don’t think it matters how much more I write about this book, I could write you a 10,000 word essay, but the raw honesty of my emotional state at the end of this book writes a better review, and sells it to you better than any sales pitch I can come up with.

Hopefully fellow readers will understand the very special place this book leaves you in, and maybe, just maybe, one person might decide to head to their local book store (or Amazon I guess) and give it a shot. I hope you do, and I wish you the best of luck in your venture, may you treasure each page as I do; or conceivably, you may find this book entirely devoid of beauty, such is the magic of the written word.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, your support and feedback means the world to me, love you guys

Craig x


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